Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness Bracket Challenge Update

Fierce competition going on in our Bracket Challenge.

Ok, Ok...after day one I'm tied for 11th but there is a lot of basketball to go. Terrace is already talking noise so my teams are going to be gunning for you this weekend.

I didn't have links for a couple of our players so if you're reading and I don't have a link to your blog...make sure you leave it.

Click here to view my bracket.

Click here to see up to date group standings throughout the tournament.

After day one it looks like things have shaped up to look like this.

1 Chris
2 randy's picks
2 Dave Samples
4 Tarheel Blue
4 Terrace Crawford
6 TheAbercrombie
6 littlepastor
6 Kentucky rulez!
6 get a LIFE
6 Wanna Bee
11 Jay Curl
11 Big D'Art
11 Bracket Guru
11 Greg the Bunny
11 McKee's March Madness
11 shoulda known
11 Deneen's Picks
18 Tarholes Suck
18 workswithyouf
18 Rob's Picks
18 Wish my Skers were here

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On a side bracket is whipping up on poor 'los in his challenge where I'm tied for 10th and 'los is like 106th.


Anonymous said...

ohhh. man. look...i'm in 1st.

Terrace Crawford said...

Noise huh? I've dropped in the points now. There have been a few surprises. I think I'll rise in the next several games but for now I've been nearly sidelined.

Jason Curlee said...

You and me both Terrace....I crawled down to the bottom