Friday, February 22, 2008

C3 - Creative Church Conference

Here is another great conference that I'm collecting blog posts on. Go [here] to read the various posts of bloggers who are attending the C3 Conference hosted by Ed Young Jr. and Fellowship Church.

If you are perhaps a church planter like me, and budget wise can't fit all the wonderful conferences in your financial folder or maybe you are oversees like my friend Will, then I hope this can be a great resource to you.

You can view posts on the Creative Church Conference by clicking [here] or by clicking on any of the feeds below.

Spread the word...stumble it...digg it...bookmark it. Get the word out...and let's be a resource to church planters everywhere.

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Bill Reichart said...

Dude, this awesome. What a great idea. I so appreciated the posts from Evolve. If this isn't a lot of work, then I ask, keep it up. I am sure being bless by it.


Jason Curlee said...

It's not to does only mean I am subscribed to about 130 plus feeds. But I feel well worth it.