Saturday, November 10, 2007

Journaling As A Spiritual Discipline

So what exactly is the big deal with these bible journey this one.

The first inspiration came from Dave Ferguson who wrote two recent posts.

First, he talked about defining spiritual maturity. For a while I have seen that one of the problems with many churches is spiritual growth. Whether you like it or not God has called everyone that has chosen to follow Christ to grow in their daily spiritual walk.

Willow Creek
recently stepped up with some conversation that they need to begin to get better at this exact thing.

Dave's next post on this topic talked about what he was going to do about it as he is leading the way at Community Christian Church.

Journaling is a great spiritual discipline that combines three components that you don't see in any other discipline:
  1. Bible reading - read a chapter from the Bible.
  2. Reflection/mediation - pick out a verse or two from that chapter that speaks to you and write it down and why it means something to you.
  3. Prayer - write out your prayers to God.
This is a format that really does work with me especially as a blogger. So, I'm going to be taking a 21-day challenge with him and journal through the gospel of John. These posts are mainly going to be for me, but hopefully you can gain some inspiration from them.

How about you? Willing to join me? Imagine how your everyday life could possibly change if you begin to hear from God every single day. You can do it by blogging or you can simply grab a notebook and go through it with us.

***Sidenote - As of today, Nov. 10th, I'm on day #3 with John chapter 3.

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