Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Goal Here

I thought it would be prudent to remind everyone who reads here at Making Difference Makers that this blog went in a different direction over the holidays and what our goals with this blog.

This was of course my original blog and I have many loyal subscribers here. Most of you know that as a blogger last year I was very random and had tons of posts on here (667 in 2007). That is why I started my personal blog which you can follow over at

The content on my personal blog is going to be a journal of our journey in launching our church, Life Church, as well as a sounding board for all I'm filtering. I also may post up some randomness as well but not as much as the past.

Some of the goals of this blog are to provide leadership training to our own leaders as well as to the ministry/business community and to give organizational help to churches and their ministry departments. I also plan to have more guest post like this one.

Basically I wanted to cut out all the randomness and bring it to the essences of the title of this blog: Making Difference Makers.

If you are one of our subscribes here add a link to Making Difference Makers on your blog and help us make a difference.

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