Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bringing Change

Often times we make little or no progress because the task ahead is to great. When it comes to turning around an organization whether that is a church or a ministry department it can be turned around by making little changes day after day and week after week.

When you know change is needed there is no point in delaying.

What you can begin to do to see massive change over the long haul is to initiate smaller micro changes that will add up over time.

Small Daily/Weekly Changes + Consistency = Massive Organizational Change Over Time

Let's say your organization if really weak from a leadership development standpoint. Having this problem could be a reason that your growth has flat-lined or you never had growth from the beginning. Don't feel that you have to make the change overnight. Start this week with something small. Spend time with your staff going through a leadership book. Better yet you start with a leadership book. Another idea would be having your staff with you go visit a larger church to expand their thinking.

There are lots of ways and things you could do...the point is start and do something small each week. As you do that you will see over time the massive organizational change you are looking for.

What are some things you need to do to see change?

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