Friday, November 30, 2007

God On The Move Across The Country

One of the things I want to do on this blog is share some stories of what God is doing across the country with churches. Churches that are making a difference.

God really is up to something. How is it a church that is twelve weeks old gets featured with Tom Brokow on the NBC Nightly News? Let me spell it out for you. G.O.D.

A cyber-friend of mine, who is giving me some great advice in our church plant, was featured Friday night, on NBC. Tadd Grandstaff, pastor of Pine Ridge Church, in Burlington, North Carolina, recently was contacted about doing a feature on young evangelical preachers and their churches. NBC even came in and recorded their whole Sunday morning meeting.

You can read his account of tonights story on his blog in a post called "In Case You Missed It..."

Tadd did want everyone to know in the interview that "the word “emergent” was never even asked or mentioned in any of the interviews that were taken. I DO NOT consider us an emerging church."

Check out the video HERE.

Make sure that you read his take on it and watch the video. I think it is awesome. Way to go Tadd and Pine Ridge. God is on the move.

Tadd and Pine Ridge Church are DIFFERENCE MAKERS.


Anonymous said...

Jason thanks so much man! I will make a point for us to get together this week. Sorry the past few weeks have been nuts! Thanks again man!

Tadd Grandstaff

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks guys are rockin' it.