Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Leadership DNA

Next week, I will be going through 6 leadership principles every pastor or department head could implement that would help them be more more successful in the areas they lead.

I blogged a little on them before, I believe, but thought they would be great with the new direction we are now headed in.

Leadership sometimes takes a knock in todays church world because it is associated with "business". Only problem that you can't get around is that a pastor is a shepard which is a person who "leads" sheep.


db said...

My understanding of pastors is they are more like an older brother in the family. Jesus is our sheperd, our high priest, he is our leader. I think its screwed up when a pastor thinks they're the only annointed and they have the final authority in a group.

Jason Curlee said...

I can agree with a lot of that "db". I do agree that Jesus is our ultimate leader and I like how you stated that. I do believe He places people of authority in the church to lead and that has gotten really screwed up. Your dialog has opened up some thoughts for me. Thanks.