Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lessons Learned From The 21 Day Journal Challenge

For the past 21 days I have been on a journal challenge. I have consistently read one chapter in the book of John each day and journaled on it. I would pick out one scripture I felt God was speaking to me and write a reflection and a prayer.

After 21 days I have learned some things about myself. I have also heard from God through His Word on a more consistent basis.

Journaling for me is here to stay. It is one reason I created a personal blog not to bog Making Difference Makers down. I encourage you to take the challenge. Challenge yourself by reading and journaling through John or any book of the Bible. For December, I am going to be on a 28-day Challenge on my personal blog. Anyone willing to take that challenge with me?

Here are my top takeaways from this experience:


As a church planter/pastor this has become a reality to me lately. For many years I had a hit and miss approach. Often I was on the read through the bible in a year plan and because I was busy I would just read and not reflect on what I read. Through journaling though I felt God leading me on a journey. I could tell see how He would speak to me on a theme that would recur. He also led me to some Scriptures that reflected some personal struggles.

Our walk with Christ is a two-way street. God does want to speak to us and He does so through His Word. Journaling made me slow down so I could hear Him.


Journaling, especially on a challenge like this, forced me to be consistent. To often Christians over rely on Church to "feed" them. What that has created is a bunch of Christians or a modern day "church" that is weak.

Yes, church can be a time where we can gather together and hear a message that challenges us on a personal level, but as a Christian it is your responsibility to build in the consistent daily spiritual disciplines for your life.


Journaling, for me, united many spiritual disciplines. It combines reading God's Word, meditation, reflection, prayer, and hearing God speak. I can find no other thing that can challenge us to that level.

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