Sunday, November 18, 2007

21 Day Challenge

Eleven days in and I'm really enjoying the 21 day challenge of journaling. Every day it has been inspiring to look for one scripture and really listen to what God is saying through it.

I've been posting my links to as well. I used to do most of my bible online at but the possibilities that are with have drifted me to going to it more and more.

I really want to encourage everyone to take up this in your spiritual walk. Whether you do it online like me or you just grab a notebook and write it down, you will find this discipline to be a great enhancement to your daily walk with Christ.

My only question is after this do I keep posting on this blog or do I possibly start another one for journaling purposes.

I also have a couple of other friends who are journaling on their blogs as well: Tyler Madison, Dawn Givan and Dave Ferguson. If you are journaling online send me your link I would love to see what your doing.

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