Sunday, November 18, 2007

Journey Through John Day #11 (John 11)

Read - John 11

My Key Verse - John 11:4 When Jesus got the message, he said, “This sickness is not fatal. It will become an occasion to show God’s glory by glorifying God’s Son.”

My Reflection - One of the great things about God is that nothing is ever final with Him. The situation you are going through, no matter what it may be, can be an occasion to show God's glory.

The situation this verse is seated in is the death of Lazarus. Jesus gets message that Lazarus is sick and declares it is not fatal. The proceeds to do...absolutely nothing. He just stayed where He was. FOR TWO DAYS.

Do you ever feel like that? Like all of HELL is coming against you. Your world is falling apart. And God...uh God...WHERE ARE YOU?

It is important that through you situation keep your faith. God is right there with you and the reality is He will show the world around you what He can do. Jesus could have easily run down there...or just said a quick prayer and Lazarus would have been healed. But this miracle played a larger stage.

Your miracle could be the one thing that gets the attention of the world around you.

My Prayer - Father, help me keep the faith as I go through what I'm going through. Let the world see and be amazed as you are glorified.

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