Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sabbatical Maybe

I feel a blog sabbatical coming on. If you are a new reader or a reader who has been on board for awhile...I want to thank you.

Thanks also to those that left me words of encourage in the comments of my last post. I am going to do some major reflecting in the next few days. I have many questions to ask myself and get some tough answers. Sometimes it's easy to lie to yourself.

I will tell you this...I feel an awakening warrior rousing inside. One that I haven't felt in awhile.

Don't know if it took the events of the last 4 months to do it. But I really get ticked off when the devil starts messing with me. And for awhile now I have allowed my emotions, people, and maybe even a little fear of failing get in the way of what God wants to do through our lives.

Our first youth ministry name was Warriors For Christ. Reason was I felt my life kind of related to David's. I think there was even a time where he went and licked his wounds for a time.

Well the time is for this warrior to arise. God has great plans for our lives and I am not going to quit on our destiny. I am tired of "man" trying to back me in a corner and the enemy to try and bash me emotionally.

God has made us to be overcomers, more than conquerors...and Christ dwells in us.

Maybe there isn't a sabbatical coming on...maybe I'll use this to write...keep up the prayers and above all..."you" keep the faith.

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