Tuesday, October 16, 2007


You are designed and destined to fullfil your destiny.

Neither persons nor circumstances have the right to stop you from reaching your destiny.


Alberto said...

In many ways, a lot of what you write make sense to me. I feel strongly about having a vision and discovering what the Lord has for us. I love you and your family and hope that all that comes your way would only make you get closer to God's target for your life. I should include all of us in this prayer. Keep up the Spirit.

Alberto said...

I guess I goofed again when trying to post...I was saying I agree with a lot of what you write about. Vision is a big word in my vocabulary...discovering God's purpose for us. I pray that all that happens to us would only get us closer to his "Destiny" for our lives. Love you guys, keep up the Spirit.

Jason Curlee said...

Great words and encouragement to me Alberto....muchos gracias