Monday, October 15, 2007

Moving Forward

Well, I've thought long and hard about this post today. Truth is I wrote one and decided to rewrite it.

Short story: The current Journey Church plant, as it was originally set up, did not work out. No need to go into details.

I need your prayers.

1. Financially: It is going to be an extremely tough month or two. Pray for God to provide for us financially as we regroup.

2. Employment: Pray for God to provide me with employment. Subbing is not going to just it. It is a temporary means right now but it doesn't supply all our needs. If you're in Corpus and know of anything please let me know.

3. Healing: How it all went down was very rough. In fact it took the wind out of our sails but only momentarily. But we are not down. And we are not out of this by a long shot.

4. Team: The right team to make it happen. Failure is not final and is not forever. Pray God begins to attract the right team to begin laying the ground work for what He wants to do through us.


Aaron Thorne said...

Ouch! We will be praying for ya. Give me a call, my number is on the bottom of the email. I may be able to help with the job...

Jason said...

I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out this time. I know God has something special for you still yet to come. You will be in my prayers. I know how scary it can be to wonder what is next. I just started yesterday at a new job. Take care of your heart in this time.

On the journey too...
Jason Cole

Alberto said...

Sorry to hear...We will be praying for you. I tried to send another comment and not sure it went through. I was suggesting to look in the TAMUCC job opportunities to see if there was something there.