Monday, March 05, 2007

Tracking Numbers

Great Quote on Brand Autopsy by Jack Welch

“Too often we measure everything and understand nothing. The three most important things you need to measure in a business are customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and cash flow. If you’re growing customer satisfaction, your global market share is sure to grow, too. Employee satisfaction gets you productivity, quality, pride, and creativity. And cash flow is the pulse—the key vital sign of a company.”

Can this be true of church? Churches like to measure everything as well. Attendance, offerings, first time guests, cars parked in the parking lot, number of times people go to the bathroom during preaching time...just kidding on the last one.

Point often are we measuring everything yet understanding nothing? Do we take numbers just to take numbers?

Numbers can be useful for many things as well. We can get a pulse on customer satisfaction by tracking certain numbers like giving and attendance. Tracking volunteers can help us track buy-in to the vision. First time guest numbers help us track whether our message is getting out through our people and even our marketing attempts.

Tracking numbers is useful and can help us to understand many things about our churches and youth ministries.

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Bobby Garcia said...

I agree. We're in the business of saving souls. All we have to do is bring them in and God will do the rest!