Monday, March 05, 2007

Going From Good To Great

As a staff we are going through the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. Today I summarized chapter one in our staff meeting for the team. Here were my thoughts at the conclusion:

As we continue on our path that God has called us to here at Church of Hope it is important that we don’t settle for good. But that we strive for great.

Great isn’t about perfection though.

Great is about us being disciplined in who we are, how we think, and how we act.

Who are we as a church? As a staff? As a congregation?

Are each of us trying to be leaders who are blending personal humility and professional will?

A strong leader and disciplined leader is one who is truly leaving a lasting legacy. One who is equipping others for the work of the ministry while deflecting recognition for themselves.

Are we getting the right people in the right seats?

One of the strongest things we can do is get the right kind of person into their right place in ministry to fulfill the purpose God wants for Church of Hope.

Are we trying to be more disciplined in our thinking?

We need to become more aware in the areas where we know we are not being what God has intended us to be and confront the hard facts that will improve not only ourselves but our Church.

What is the core of what we are supposed to be doing and are we being intentional in achieving that vision?

We should be thinking of our vision and intersecting the passions of our leadership, the needs of our community and the gifts, abilities, talents, and passions of our members in order to fulfill that vision.

If our vision is to REACH, RAISE, and RESTORE broken lives are we be disciplined in lining up everything that we do in order to achieve that.

Being disciplined in our thinking is thinking about how to fulfill that vision in everything we do.

What we first need to do then is ask what that means and then make confront when we are not achieving the vision.

Finally are we disciplined in our actions?

In a culture of discipline “good” is never enough. Everyone not just our staff should be challenged to strive for excellence. Excellence is taking what we do and challenging ourselves in doing it even better. It is not perfection as we can never attain that. But it is saying how can I do this better.

In today’s world, technology can be used as an accelerator to be more innovative in our approach to ministry. How are we using it to be more innovative? Although we should not be carried off by the latest concepts or fads we can use innovative approaches to accelerate the achieving of our vision.

Again “is it a sin to settle for good when God calls us to be great?”

Yes, and as the staff at Church of Hope we should strive to look at the vision that we have and ask ourselves if we are being good at achieving it or great?
What areas are we being good and confronting those to be great.

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