Friday, February 09, 2007

Should We Reach The Lost

Have to say that I was a little disappointed about Marko's post christian smith comments on the 4% fear in youth ministry

Marko (Mark Oestreicher) is the President of Youth Specialties. He posted about a week ago and I have really been meditating on it for about a week.

It was surprising in light of the fact that he and the author have no statistics to the other. With a little figuring here in Corpus I estimate that with pretty much the largest youth ministries running about 30 to 50 with about 32,000 teens in the area about 5% would be a good estimate.

I'll agree that pushing a statistic for the sake of pushing a statistic as a means to an end is one thing. But as the president of Youth Specialties to not be alarmed or apparently apathetic to the state of today and to push a side that pretty much comes off as "hey everything is need to be alarmed." That is a little disheartening to me.

As I read his post I feel a lack of urgency to reach the lost. That same organization that he does not name, "Teen Mania" makes it their cause to inspire youth ministries to make a difference and reach the lost.

Is that not a main concern of Youth Specialties? You Tell Me.


marko said...

dude, i'm passionate about reaching every teenager. i want them to know the love of jesus. i just don't think we should use fake statistics to manipulate people into fear. and i don't think fear is a christian response. we're a people of hope, not of fear.

Jason Curlee said...

I can understand the objection to utilizing "fake statistics." At the same time I see no statistics offered by neither the author or you.

I just don't understand then why youth specialties or you would prop somebody that obviously would intentionally tear down a ministry that obviously has as much passion about reaching teens as you do.

You never actually said which ministry that was even though you obviously knew which one you were talking about.

Sensei Tommy Lee said...

I think as a minister of the gospel,they should use any means possible in getting the truth out. The fact is kid's and adult's alike are dying without salvation.
Bottom line: Reach+++