Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A New Feed For My Site

First off I want to apoligize to all my readers who are subcribed through my feed...you guys are totally awesome.

I ran into some problems the other day. I went to Feedburner to check out my feeds and noticed that for some reason it does not show my feed in my account. This is lame even though everyone who is subscribing through it is getting feed from my site as well as getting feed for our podcast. But as some of you know it doesn't help in tracking how many people are getting to your site.

So today, I created a new feed and hopefully this will never change. The new feed address and this will be reflected in all of my feeds links from here on out is http://feeds.feedburner.com/MakingDifferenceMakers

If you click my little orange it should bring up a subscribe screen with the feed with some options to choose from.

For some of my readers that may be novices to blogging and still go to site front pages over and over each day this is a tip that can save you some time.

Tip: Use Google Reader (of course you can use many other readers this just happens to be the one I use and it is really simple) to subscribe and read blogs. This is very helpful and can save you time because it automatically shows you when someone has made a new post. And when you track about 60 blogs this can save you some much needed time.

I know this can be a pain for some of you (it is for me as well cause I have to go make sure all my links are correct everywhere)...and the old feed will continue to work but this is vital for the future of what I do. Be blessed all and know you are highly favored.

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