Monday, December 11, 2006

Making Difference Makers

As some of you may or may have not noticed...recently I changed the title of this blog from Jason Curlee to Making Difference Makers...let me explain that for some of you.

A couple of years ago on my journey through life and being a Christian I was challenged as to what my purpose fact this happened in a staff meeting at Faith Family Church.

What happened was we had a consultant come in and challenged us to write the purpose for our lives in less than 11 words and only gave us 2 minutes to do it in. I had already been going through a stage at this time in discovering what it was that God wanted me to do in my life. So when this happened I threw down on paper in exactly 10 words what I knew my purpose was, "to influence others to make an impact in their world." Since then I have changed as follows: "to influence and develop others to make a impact in their world."

Many years ago when I became a Christian one scripture that God laid on my heart was Isaiah 62:10. I have always felt that I have been called to raise up people who are going to make a difference. People that are going to achieve all they have dreamed of. People who are going to make an impact in this world. People who are going to shake off the limits and constraints that are holding them back.

So with that I encourage you tonight. Dream big dreams and don't hold anything back from achieving them. Our God is a big God able to do more than we can ever dream or ask.

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