Monday, December 18, 2006

Creating Human Connection In The Church

Great interview with Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks. This excerpt stood out to me.

We just had this level of optimism that I think we felt what we were doing and how we wanted to do it and treating people well and we just felt that the place, I want to go back to that, that America lacked a place, and if you'll look at what Starbucks is created, we really have created perhaps not since the English pub this place of meeting, of gathering and at a time in the world not only in America where there's such a fracturing of humanity and human connection and we live in such a fragile environment that human connection is important and Starbucks has brought people together.

Would would it be like if your church or youth ministry name could replace Starbucks in that quote? Could that be said of by you? Starbucks doesn't just say it they created it. In a world of fracturing humanity and human connection we must create the same type od environment where human connection is important and brings people together.

Full Transcript of Interview

Thanks to Brand Autopsy for Interview

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