Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Building Resonance

Some people think that position is about leadership. Although leadership does sometime come with position it does not necessarily mean that because you have position that you are the or a leader and that others will follow you.

Remember if you think you are a leader and no one is following you, you are only taking a walk.

Leadership is about creating resonance. Resonance means "richness or significance, especially in evoking an association or strong emotion." More often than not some "leaders" are unintentionally creating dissonance within their own organizations. Building resonance is a strong key to leadership and brings the people that you are leading into an atmosphere that lends itself to quality relationships.

Wanting blind submission is no longer an effective style of leadership.

This is a prime proponent of leadership through position. Follow me because I'm the boss or the pastor or the department head.

Although there may be some biblical application to headship, today's leaders can elicit a stronger leadership quotient through building resonance. This is different for each person you lead and takes work but in the long range will bring a greater working synergy within your team.


Sensei Tommy Lee said...

Right on the money thank you JESUS+++

Sensei Tommy Lee said...

Right on the money+++

Jason Curlee said...

I do want to continue developing this thought in future posts....and would love some comments from people on how to best build resonance.