Saturday, December 16, 2006

Best of The Best Blogs

Here are five of the bests posts I read this week out there in the blogosphere.

1. Ramblings on.. talks about Change - this was an excellent post that tied in with the next best.
2. Kem Meyer talked about The World As You See It - What are you doing to learn about people today that don't see things the way you do? is something she wrote about in her blog.

These two got me thinking. Change is needed in church today if we are going to reach the what we are doing today effective? Are we currently changing the community around us or is it changing us? Jonathan Herron talked about that a couple of weeks ago when he said "to not just shape culture, but to create culture." Are we creating the cuture around us or are we allowing culture to shape the church?

3. Joseph Sangl asks "Do We Deceive Ourselves?" Ouch this one could be dangerous reading!!!!

4. Dave Ferguson wrote about "The Power of Passion" This was a great one cause I believe passion is what sets a difference maker apart.

5. Mark Batterson talked about "Weekday Faith" Hey Sunday Morning only comes around once a week but there are five weekdays and they are where the majority of our lives are lived. So live out your faith everyday.

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