Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Elevate Rundown 12-20-06

Here is how Elevate went down last night, December 20th.

Worship Set:
What The World Will Never Take
Salvation Is Here
Beautiful One
The Heart of Worship
From The Inside Out

This week begins a short two week series that will be continued in the new year. Next week I'll be on vacation but Elevate will still be meeting. Tonight we talked about how God Dwells in the Darkness of our lives. This is probably one of the best messages I have ever given and answers the question of why do bad things happen to good people. Make sure you listen to this on the podcast when it comes out. The next message in the series is going to be called, "I'm Down But Not Out."

Sermon Title - Show Up and Show Off

Big Idea - God allows dark times so He can show up and show off.

Total Attendance-48, Total Teens-41

Service Notes:
I these were some good numbers for not meeting with Elevate for the past two weeks. I am always very fearful of long breaks cause people crave normality. This was a great message and the team worked well together tonight.

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