Thursday, December 21, 2006

God Dwells In The Darkness 3

Tonight I continued to explore the whole topic of God Dwelling in the Darkness at our Elevate meeting.

We looked at David's life of how the lion, bear and giant were all events where God dwelled in some dark times and He showed up and showed off.

Many times we wonder why bad things happen to good people or why if God is omnipotent does He let us go through some of the things we go through.

Think about know that David being a shepard had to have been praying prayers of protection over his flock. Prayers like "God don't let any lions or bears come and take any of my flock. Protect them." The very prayers he prayed were exactly the very things that ended up happening.

But these events were the very events that prepared him for the battle with the giant. Another battle that God showed up and showed off in his life and prepared him for even greater things in his life.

Friends God sees the end and understands the timeline of our life. It is He that knows that the very events that you are going through that are preparing you for the road ahead. A road that will be littered with exploits of a mighty God who will show off in and through your life.

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