Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Coming Events

I think I am finally recovered from all the work over the past two weeks. It pretty much took me the whole weekend. Late Sunday night we decided to head out of town since we had Monday off. We went to visit my parents. It was a good day spent with them.

Now the focus is on for our September events. With the success of our Back to School Bash we are going forward with the momentum to See You At The Pole. It is on September 27th. That same weekend we are going to have a 5th Quarter after the football game that week. We are trying to position our youth ministry out in the schools. We know we bring the answer they need so it is now getting it out to them. We are doing a variety of different events that will draw in teens. Our students are really reaching out to their friends and I am so glad they have accepted the challenge. I want their schools to be changed, to be different. We will also be doing another 5th Quarter in October and then in November we will be taking them to a conference in Houston.

This month will mark the 6th month we have been here at Church of Hope. We have worked hard to build relationships and a team that will reach this area. The time now is to continue recruiting people to the team and developing them to be effective. It is also time to take our students who we know will be leaders in our ministry and develop them as well. I have noticed that there is a unique challenge to ministry in a larger town. We have people that come from all areas with drives of over 30 minutes so you have to be more conscience of time commitments. It is a good dynamic problem to have to solve. We want to have a totally effective ministry but at the same time be very sensitive to family times with the teens and adults we minister too. I relish the challenge.

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