Monday, July 03, 2006

Excellent week and service

This past weeks service was one of the best so far....We had 6 first time first time salvation...and 3 rededications....Our offering was one of the best we have had so far....we almost tipped the 30 mark in teens at 28...but with summer it seems we have some that come one week and then vacation the next...there seems to be a rotation like that each week...I think if they all would come we would hit the 40 to 50 mark.

I also finished up my series called "I want to be made". It is based on the MTV show "Made" in which a teen wants to change who they are to become something different with the hopes of gaining acceptance...I taught on three issues...self-image, acceptance, and being transformed...I felt it was one of my best series I have ever put together.

During praise and worship there seemed to be a little more freedom than usual...the teens responded well and were lifting their hands in worship....we are finally starting to break through...KEEP PRAYING...there is still a ways to go but we are adding one more log to the fire each week.

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