Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer Camp

Today, we are leaving to youth camp. We are going to Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and are taking 14 teens which is more than double what they took last year. I am pumped to see some little victories that we are acheiving. I have a great leadership team that is starting to work well together. And I really am beginning to see physically a little more clearly the potential I see in my spirit.

We still have some ways to go but we are getting it there. The best illustration I can give is that it is like starting a fire. If the logs are all over the ground in different places then there will be no one to get a blazing fire going. You might get one log but the others will never catch cause they are not together.

Youth ministry is a lot like that. You have to get all your logs lined up right to get a roaring blaze going. Right now I am spending the majority of time on doing that the way God has placed it on my heart. Be praying for us this week should provide a little spark to some of our teens which I believe will put one more log on the fire.

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