Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Leadership Meeting

Last night we had our monthly leadership meeting. It was really a great time. I grilled fajita's...chicken, beef and even did some grilled shrimp for them. I really love to take care of my leaders like that.

I had about a 20 minute lesson on five points that make a championship team champions. Then we talked about the BHAG's and Critical Success Factors for our youth ministry. They had some great insight that will be a great help. I see a lot of potential in our team and know the great things that God has destined for us to do. Right now I still feel I am getting everything in order administratively so that there will be a smooth flow within the ministry. I am also trying to get more of a team feel within the ministry so that everything will be geared around the leaders and not me. Too often youth ministries are built around the youth pastor and they don't reach their full potential. The true potential will be realized as the ministry is built and geared around the leaders.

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