Wednesday, June 07, 2006

And the new name is...

Sorry to keep everyone waiting on this but my internet connection had been down since last Thursday. We are installing a new network and getting it all lined out.

We named the youth ministry ELEVATE. We feel that is what we are all about. Elevating teens to go and make an impact. Our mission is to RAISE up teens to REACH the world RESTORING them to SERVE other and OFFER their lives to God. That to me fulfills the great commandment and the great commision.

There are five things that I feel a youth ministry should be about. Those five are evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, ministry and worship. If we are about fulfilling those five things our youth ministry will grow. It is kind of like a circle. We discipleship teens equiping them for ministry and to evangelize. Then in turn they will reach thier friends. As we reach them we will bring them back into fellowship with God and the church. The will then get involved in ministry opportunities and worship God will all they are.

This past Wednesday we had 33 in attendance. We got many things in store for the summer... Camp at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio...Junior High Night at Funtrackers next week...A Bar-b-que...Beach Days....

Tonight one of my adult leaders, Juno, and I will be doing a illustrated sermon on how spiritual growth relates to weight training.

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