Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tonight is the Night

Well tonight is when we will launch our new name for Church of Hope's Youth Ministry...I am so excited....Have I said that enough....I only pray that our teens will catch the vision with us and run with it. We have so much we can do and so many ways we can become an impact in this area and in the world...

I really have a strong desire to reach this area in a way that has never been seen our done. The dream I have is so big that I know I can't do it. It can only be done with God. What I envision is not just one youth ministry here but three sites that are all launched out of our church. And once or twice a year we will come together for a huge gathering. This dream is going to demand so much out of me and my teams. But through this we will inspiring teens to go and change the world. We will be sending out missionaries and helping missions across the world. We will bring change and do our part. It is so exiting to be able to be in God's hand.

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