Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well it is Tuesday morning and I am getting ready for the work day. I came in to pray this morning and my partner wasn't here...Don't know what happended to him....We always meet at 6 on Tuesdays and pray till 7 and then go to my office and have devotions. This morning he wasn't here so I thought I would check my emails and get my thoughts together for the day.

Tomorrow I am continuing the series we are currently in. It is called "I Want To Be Made." It is kind of based on the MTV reality show called Made. Anyway in this series we are dealing with 3 major points: Self-Image, Acceptance, and Being Transformed... That is what the show is pretty much about. It is about teens who have a low self-image transforming themselves in the hopes that it will bring them acceptance. Last week I dealt with the Self-Image part and this week we are going to be talking about Acceptance.

True acceptance happens when we realize we are accepted by Christ. Many people though don't have that or don't feel total acceptance so they don't truly live a life of freedom. When we know we are accepted unconditionally by Christ it will bring freedom to our lives.

Thoughts anyone?????

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