Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Weekend

We had a great weekend setting up our house here in Corpus....Yeah, the family is finally here....Now we can get to work...

We spent yesterday at some friends house getting our rears kicked in washers by our secretary. She had never played and was nailing them left and right. If you have never played washers it is a game where you take some big washers and try to throw them in to some holes. Well she was getting them in there. Although I think she was the ringer and had just set us all up. Anyway we had fun. They are some great people on staff and I enjoyed spending the time with them. We also went to the Kings Inn over in Kingsville. I ate more than too much fish and shrimp. Way more...but it was too good. I hadn't eaten there in over five years. It is one of the best places for eating seafood. It was a great weekend.

I am having so much fun being and spending time with the staff here. It is what I have always dreamed that a staff should be like.

Tomorrow we finally name the youth ministry. I am so excited. I hope our teens really identify with it. I think they will and I really believe they will own it.

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