Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rise to the Challenge (Wed. Night Service)

Last night was my fourth Wednesday as the Pastor of Youth Ministries. I completed my first series that I have taught them. It was entitled Mission Possible. It was a great night all around. Joey, the guy who has been leading the praise and worship team really stepped up during the fast songs and encouraged all the teens to enter in to the service. I was glad he did that. Leading worship is about just that....leading.

When I played football, I was the leader of the team. That meant that sometimes I had to step up and tell the other guys that they had to bring it on the field. It meant that I had to always be at the top of my game. The same is true about whatever you are leading, whether it is your company, a ministry, or whatever... My wife was reminding me of that this morning on the phone. She was telling me that this youth group is riding on my shoulders now and I have to be ready and prayed up.

Our service ended last night with two rededications and with a challenge for the teens to take a step further than they have ever gone before. They all rose to the challenge.

Today, you rise to the challenge in whatever it is you are leading or doing. Remember God will prosper all the work of your hand.

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