Sunday, April 30, 2006

What A Weekend

I went home to visit my was so good seeing my wife and children...I love and miss them a lot. But the great thing is that the time is growing shorter and shorter and they will be over here forever with me.

Friday I played in a golf tournament. It was fun even though it was the fourth time ever I have played. I am improving dramatically. If only I would get out and practice a little. My practice is actually game. My team shot 2 under par. For those that don't know what that was ok but not good enough to win. We were playing in about 35 mph was a tough day to play.

Our Sunday morning service here at Church of Hope seems to be getting better and better. This morning was awesome. The praise and worship was great and Pastor Rod's message was slammin'. He is so funny and breaks the word down awesomely....I love it. We did Let the Worshippers Arise as a special and it rocked. That songs just for me..

Well, I am going to start prepping for Wednesday new series Hero - This World Needs a Hero...I am really starting to feel it...the teens are slowly warming up to me and the leaders are jumping on board. I will be talking to a choreographer this week who is in our chruch about starting a hip-hop dance team for our youth group...and to top it all off...this month we will be launching the new name for the youth group.

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