Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday The 8th Through My Window

Here is a look through my window at Bay Area 5 Points on 2-8-09:
  • This Sunday was a little different for me as my wife wasn't able to come due to her mom getting out of hospital today.
  • First Impressions did a great job today. We added a few new items to our hospitality bar as well as trying out some new flavors of coffee. We are trying to bring something unique to our campus. My goal is to have the best coffee of all our campuses.
  • Energy in the band was great today. Ben, one of our singers was all over the stage, speakers, and even did a back flip off the stage...just kidding about the back flip...but he did jump off. Love the energy he's bringing.
  • New bass player this week...he's actually a buddy of mine from the "old" days of another church I was in. He was rocking it. Even striking the rockin' bass player pose.
  • Song set - Salvation Is Here by Hillsong United, Break Free by Hillsong United, and Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Camp. We only did three songs due to the length of the message.
  • Lighting was off the hook. Tom Grant, our production director, has been making our Sunday sets stand out. If you haven't been to 5 Points you have to come check it out.
  • We tried something new with prayer partners...I thought it out last week...we've tried just about every single way possible to put our prayer team. This week I had them move to the back. Main reason is that I wanted those that were worshiping to not be distracted by watching those being prayed for. We'll see how it goes. Pretty much the same response we normally have.
  • Four people prayed to begin a relationship with Christ today....FOUR...praise God...once again...that's the main thing...totally we have had 68 pray to begin a relationship with Christ at Bay Area 5 Points.
  • Spent lots of time working with my team today...
  • We officially launched Element Student Ministries tonight. It went great...I liked our format...altogether we had 16 teens with 10 adult volunteers. Our student director, Juno Garcia and his wife, did a fantastic job with their team.
  • All around great day out at our campus.
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steff said...

Great set-list! Sounds like there was a lot of energy there. People jumping off stage.... sounds like fun.