Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Blog Content Sux

So....what question or topic do you most want to hear?????

Yeah, I said it sux...right now that is how I feel...I hate to tell you that because you already agree but just didn't want to say it. You have already been close to unsubscribing but your holding on. Waiting.

The time is now for me to kick it up. To start bringing the content.

Curious...What do you want to know? Are there any ministry questions? How we do stuff on our campus? Multi-Site? Youth Ministry? Leadership?

In our next Tokbox we are doing a q & a session, so why not do it here.

And sorry, I'm not going to get into some deep theological what does this scripture mean...for those that still follow you know that's not me.

I would like some ideas since I do write this partly for you.

So I ask one more time....what question or topic do you most want to hear?????

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Disney Scrapper said...

I need Children's Ministry advice badly. Our church is small, only available space is a small room directly next to sanctuary area (there is a partition, just not soundproof). How long can you wait when you are growing without having some type of children's experience on Sunday morning? What is a good curriculum (if any) to use? How many people? What tools, supplies? Are you sorry you asked (lol)?