Monday, December 15, 2008

Would They Care

I'm not sure who I first heard this quote from...but I did recently re-read it in the book, "IT" by Craig Groeschel.

The quote said, "If your church closed down would the community even know or care?"

That quote has kind of haunted me for several months now, especially as we have now been doing our campus for half the year.

Far too often churches get together and get in a rhythm of doing church on Sunday morning and think that just because they are open they are making a difference. Making a difference with your church requires intentionality. It requires a willingness to be a working solution to your community.

God has planted us in our community to partner with Him in bringing change. Often times when churches start they want people to come to them. They do outreaches geared to bring people in. God has called us to more than being an open door. God has called us to help be a solution to the social ills that permeate our country.

And to be honest...that will require just a little more than telling people about Jesus, although that part is extremely important.

It is my desire that our church campus is a solution. That it is a movement. That it is a force that brings change to our community. That we are the answer to what our community needs.


Disney Scrapper said...

What has been really interesting to Marc and I since going to WABC is that the church was known as the place to go to for help. People bypassed larger churches to come to this small church! As a matter of fact former members who grew up and moved away still support the church. Another good saying to add to the one you have is "people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care".

Jason Curlee said...

Awesome.....that's what I'm talking about...

And I love that quote as well!!!!