Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday The 14th Through My Window

Here is a view through my window for this Sunday.
  • I was able to do the message this morning due to us going to getting the Sunday message from Pastor Bil.
  • I talked more on vision from two weeks ago when I spoke last.
  • Told my favorite football story from high school.
  • My main point was that we must have a PASSION to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to REACH OUR AREA.
  • Loved this quote from Erwin McManus, I used it today - “When have we forgotten that the church doesn’t exist for us? We are the church and we exist for the world.”
  • Joey Davila our BAF Multi-Site Music Director rocked it out with our band today...
  • I'm loving all the new lights we adds movement and really enhances the experience.
  • Since I was preaching I didn't really get to mingle with leaders and people as much.
  • Attendance was ok first December as a kind of Senior Pastor.
  • I really wanted to hit more on Commitment...I find that today's church in America needs more people who "really" follow Christ...
  • My big dawg buddy John was hanging out with us...but he left before I could say bye since I did message.
  • Looking forward to doing this full-time is going to allow me to start doing some of the creative things that I feel will take it up a notch even more.
  • I really feel that we are creating an awesome experience each Sunday...I'm really believing that people are going to begin to start coming out to see what we are doing.
  • I recorded the message and want to put in on our new mogulus site...but the recording was during our second experience of the morning and in the line of the shot there isn't a lot of people sitting it looks a little bare. Not sure that is the image I want up.
  • I want to spend a lot of time in the new year working with and building up leaders.
  • It's exciting to think that the three campuses are already working to have the finances to launch more campuses in the future.
  • Every week no matter how many people are there, we have new guest each week...that is so exciting. I don't think there has been a week in these first 22 that we haven't had someone there checking it out.
  • Pumped up about getting our sign and billboard this week. I'm hoping we can get our sign up pretty quick.
  • Below are some pictures of today's experiences complements of Rachel. Pretty soon I'm going to create a new video...

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