Monday, December 08, 2008

Sunday The 7th Through My Window

I went on a road trip yesterday to our Padre Island Campus grand most of my window was a blur driving from one campus to the other and back...BUT...I have some thoughts and here they be:
  • Yesterday was our 21st weekend.
  • It was great to be able to take off to the other campus for a Sunday. I only did it because I knew I had a team that could handle it.
  • Juno Garcia stepped up to lead in my place. Feedback was he did a great job.
  • Our band did "Break Free" and I missed it...I think that is one of the best songs they do.
  • Our attendance jumped back up after the Thanksgiving Weekend lag. We had lots of new families out visiting. We are so close to breaking the 200 mark.
  • Got to go over to the Padre Island Campus for Grand Opening. I got pics and will post them up this week so everyone can check out that campus.
  • So pumped for Pastor Dave Cothem and his team. They had 298 people for their Grand Opening. Great feel. Building came out awesome. Makes me wonder what ours would have been like bar Hurrican Ike hitting our Grand Opening weekend. (No I'm not bitter)
  • Joey Davila was rockin' it with their team. He will be playing and singing with our band this weekend.
  • Padre Island band did a great job.
  • As soon as I'm on full time one of the things I'll be doing one day is helping them re-do their lighting.
  • As great as it was being over there I missed my campus. It's funny how you get bonded to your church. Our campus is beginning to transform into a community. I'm loving it.
  • At the ribbon cutting last night there must have been around 400 people. It was great seeing Pastor Bil and hanging with him a bit even though everyone was wanting to say hi to him and talk to him. I'm glad he takes moments to bond with us Campus Pastors.
  • I'm thinking of resigning if Pastor John resigns to go start the next multi-site in Honolulu...I'm not to old to be a student pastor...PLUS...someone has to help him with his tech inadequacies. (See Number 14 on his post)...UNLESS...we start one in Italy in which I'll try and talk my family into going there. J/K...besides they would never move to Italy. Maybe we could go for the summer just to get the campus up and running.
  • All in all it was a great weekend for our multi-site campuses...we had 762 in attendance at our three multi-site's. God is a great God and has us on a wave of momentum...we got to ride it.
  • Pumped about our Christmas Project. You can be a part of it too...go check out my post.
  • Rachel did a great job with pictures...Rachel volunteers by documenting our progress through digital photography. She even went out and got a new camera. Check out the slide show of our Sunday below.

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