Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why Two

Question is...

Why did we go to two services on Sunday morning so soon??? We aren't even using all the seats.

That is a true fact. In our main adult seating area we have 143 chairs. The past two Sunday's in our 10:00 a.m. experience we are seating about 50% of those. So if we aren't filling those up why go to two?
  1. More Opportunities To Serve - Having two experiences allows more people to serve. It also allows them to serve and be able to attend one as well.
  2. Provides Choices - Having the two experiences gives people an opportunity to choose which time to come that best fits their schedule.
  3. More Chances To Reach Out - The two gives our people two opportunities to invite people to church.
  4. Two Times To Experience God - We want people not to just come to church....we want people to come to experience God.
I almost think of it in terms of a WHY NOT....

Did people come when the building wasn't full for one? If they did then...then why not just do two and grow them both at the same time. You don't have to fill one to start a second.

Obviously the same could be said with a third....but I would say fill up the two before starting a third option.

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Definitely unconventional. ;-) But I like your thinking, doc... \

So, Jay... some questions:

1) How in the world did you get your people to buy in to 2 gatherings so soon?? :-)

2) Do you have enough volunteers at this point for them to "serve one, enjoy the other"? In other words, are your people serving for both services or are they able to fully experience during one without having to serve?

You're a BEAST, man!! (which, in DC lingo, is a great thing)

Lovin' your stuf,