Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why Two Part 2

D-Plum had a great question that he left as a comment on "Why Two" a post I wrote on why we went to two experience on our 6th week.

His question was:
1) How in the world did you get your people to buy in to 2 gatherings so soon?? :-)

2) Do you have enough volunteers at this point for them to "serve one, enjoy the other"? In other words, are your people serving for both services or are they able to fully experience during one without having to serve?
Thanks for the question Darren...let's see if I can give you and everyone a great answer.

1) Honestly...I'm not exactly sure how I did this. Frankly, I really believe it was casting a lot of vision to our key leaders/volunteers over so many months prior to starting. I really had faith that we were going to grow and just kept that out in front of everyone. I also believe I have some great people who want to see our campus explode with growth.

2) I would love to say that we have it perfect but I think there is a little over lap especially in the adult experience. But we have just enough of our Guest Relations Team to pull off their area. Our children's/nursery area's were covered. In fact the exact breakdown for the Sunday of 8-24 was 168 of which 62 were volunteers. The first experience was 113 of which 36 were volunteers. Since our original Corpus Campus is about 25 miles away and does a Saturday night....many of our volunteers can even go in there for their church experience. So there are many opportunities.

I guess for me it came down to saying...we could grow one and eventually fill it up and then "split" or we could just go ahead and grow two.

It also is a going to be a necessity for us to be at two. In fact, I'm figuring on three by around January. In about a week, we will be sending out a mailer on our grand opening which is the 14th of September. I actually feel we should do three that day....but I'm hesitating cause I'm not sure I could pull the volunteers just yet.

Volunteers are key....we are working hard to make sure that our volunteers don't have to work both experiences...we're pretty close.

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