Sunday, August 17, 2008

Getting Ready

Today was officially our 5th week...I have been so pumped as of right now with the results.

I ran our averages today over those 5 weeks. One number I was very pleased with was that 45% of the adults that are in attendance are volunteers. If you count our overall attendance, which includes the kids, it hits right at 33%.

Today marked the day where we did a trail run on a second experience which we are adding next week. We will be having a 10 and 11:30 experiences, two opportunities for people to serve and attend.

Everything we are doing to this point are to prepare us for our September 7th grand opening. There are a lot of minor touches we need to do and add to make the campus pop. We have put many leaders in place to facility a team oriented leadership structure. Each week as I'm meeting and getting to know people things are falling in place.

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Bryan said...

Speaking of you know how any people signed up to pray our 100k hours?