Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here I am on Saturday writing this post. It has been almost one week since I last posted. The reason I'm frustrated is that I feel the quantity and quality of my blog has diminished from what I purposed when I went into this year. In fact since Oct. 2006 I don't think I have had a blogging slump low rut season like I am at now.

I feel there are so many things I want to share. I think of them on my way to and from work. I have great ideas at work. I seem to have them all the time. Yet I lack the time and energy to get it here. I also miss the community of blogging as well. Doesn't seem I get to post comments to blogs like this, this, this, this. I miss talking to many of my online buddies and continuing to develop relationships.

Don't get me wrong I'm excited about where I am at and the things I'm doing. It is just that there are some areas I feel I can contribute in and I'm not.

Is it going to last forever??? NO.......I know that. But I miss it and I'm frustrated.



Hey, buddy... BE ENCOURAGED! Such is the ebb and flow of life, especially in ministry. ;-) I've gone through similar bouts of frustration (especially blogging), where I've felt I had so much on my plate there was no way to keep up with things like this. But it passes... which is a good thing.

Also, now that Blogger allows us to post days in advance, that saves me some time as far as posting. I still don't have the time to keep up with as many blogs as I'd like, but God always reminds me that my first two priorities - after Him, of course - are to my immediate family, then my church family. Some guys are great bloggers, and only average pastors/church planters. That's not how I want to be dubbed.

So, if we're unable to post... or comment... for a couple of days, our faithful readers and blog friends surely understand.

You're doing an awesome job, my friend... keep it up!!!

D PLUM ;-)

Jason Curlee said...

Thanks Darren....I agree....those that are faithful will be patient...I always am.

Shaun King (Kendi's Dad) said...

Hang in there bro! The madness comes and goes in waves. It will slow down, but just not right now. We still know you care!

Your Friend,


Anonymous said...

Hey Man! We are still reading and interested in what's going on in your new church plant.

Throughout the summer months I had a lot of trouble keeping up with posting and felt like I was letting some people down too. Just know that we are reading and are not giving up.


Dont worry bro, I'm holding it down for you.
You are doing MAJOR work for the Kingdom.
The devil is pissed, but who cares.

I'm praying for your continued strength and the well-being of your family.