Friday, July 11, 2008

Go To or Come See

When it comes to evangelism there are two perspectives...wait...there are two ways it can happen.

Go To
In practically all of the Gospels, Jesus said "GO". We are commanded to go into the world, to be the salt and the light. When it comes to evangelism as it pertains to the church, we must go out.

Come See
The flip side is "Come See". Philip told Nathaniel to come see for himself what was happening. I think that is huge as well. Many people say evangelism should all take place outside the church. I don't feel that is even a totally biblical point.

This is huge for a church. If you can effectively equip your people to go out and tell people to come see, you can reach your community.

Question is what are we giving them to come and see? Are they seeing the gospel in action? Are they seeing lives being changed? Are we effectively developing them to live a life of purpose?


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db said...

This is a good topic... thought provoking.

I understand evangelism as teaching the gospel. Philip told Nathanial to come see Jesus.
So now that Jesus isn't visibly walking the earth, what does it mean to come see?

I agree with your post.
When saints come together its good to teach about Jesus. We could never exhaust the teachings of the kingdom.
Its sad to hear some don't want evangelism in their clubs. What else do they want??