Monday, June 09, 2008

Is It Really A Team

Many churches, and I could also add in businesses, say there is a team when it comes to staff. Unfortunately, when you look from the outside in...that isn't what you see.

You don't see a group coming together to collaborate.
You don't see a group working together.

Sometimes you see a group of people running around trying to do what the head person wants and tells them to do.

Many times you see a bunch of people that when they leave work, they all run to their separate corners (homes) never to interact together.

I'm sorry to tell you...just because you are a pastor and you hire a bunch of people and you get them to do what you doesn't mean you have team

I would have to say that a true together, collaborates together, envisions together, enjoys each other, brings out the best in each other, lives in community, pushes each other to more, prays, sweats and bleeds together...when one is down they all rally around and lift them up....shall I say more. That's probably why I enjoy being where I am right now. that what "YOU" call it.


Veronica Brown said...

My comment- question doesn't really have a lot to do with this post in spectrum sorta say.

Question: Do you have any post or info on how to start a core group or launch team.

Situation: We were released by our Pastor to start a church. We have officially moved to the city and we've opened a learning center (early childhood education) as our income generator while we are here. We are not funded by our parent church at this time on an ongoing basis. They sowed an amount but nothing to cover the entire year. My question is HOW do we get people to come/join our core group/launch team. I know that of course they are drawn by the spirit but on the practical/natural side what should we be doing on our part. Ironically we both from the Corpus Christi area. Have just started our plant this year. Our target area and where we also live is Cedar Park/Leander Texas. Suburbs to Austin. Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. We've done flyers, go out and meet people not a lot of budget to work with and we are starting in our home. Why b/c of lease availability in our area along with the price tag $$. Once we get our core group up those funds can go towards church budget. We have enough income right now to sustain ourselves and not depend on church $$. Any feedback is welcomed!


Chris said...

Thanks for putting me in your reader. I know we speak on totally different subjects, but I know we can learn from each other.