Thursday, May 08, 2008

Under-Utilized Leadership Part 3

To continue on from our Under-Utilized Leadership traits series let's talk about "Thinking Ahead". If you need to, you can get caught up with Part 1 and Part 2.

As I said before due to the area of town I work in and the students we are teaching it demands a high-level of awareness. What it also demands is that I have to think ahead.

Due to the type of student we were working with I always had to be thinking one step ahead. What of mine was I leaving laying around? Where were my answer keys? Was I leaving my grade book open on my computer? Who was having a problem with whom? Were they in a class together?

Those were always questions that I was posing to myself. As a pastor, ministry leader, business manager being a leader requires you thinking ahead. Do you have a plan if something were to go wrong? What if your strongest leader didn't show up, what would you do?

I know this seems more like a question post, but that is what thinking ahead requires. It requires you asking the what if questions. That is what leadership is about.

Where are you lacking in thinking ahead?

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