Monday, April 28, 2008

Under-Utilized Leadership Part 2

Watch this video.

I love that video. It is a great example of being aware which is one of the Under-Utilized Leadership areas I have "not" seen being used.

The area of town that I worked in from October to March demanded a high level of awareness. I constantly had to be aware of what was going on. When I walked out to go to my car I had to double check and look around and know what was going on.

Due to the type of school we had, in reaching at-risk teens, we had several kids from various rival gangs in town. I always had to know what I was saying and who was around in case something might happen. We had to know if something was going on so that we might cut it off at the pass. I had to make sure I didn't leave any personal items laying around.

When it comes to leading in church or business you have got to be aware. To be aware is having or showing knowledge; bearing in mind; attentive to.

To be aware when leading people is to know what is going on around you. It is picking up on the subtle hints people give off as you are leading them. It is being attentive to the details of of your position. If you are overseeing a youth ministry service do you know all that is going on...whether you have entrusted others to lead areas or are doing it yourself you must be aware of the details.

Begin today to heighten your awareness. Start small...choose an area or an evening or day at work and begin to be attentive to the details of what is going on around you.

Where do you need awareness?

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