Friday, May 02, 2008

Random Schedule

I'm pretty much against random thoughts on blogs. Sometimes it's good to get a random peek at someone's day but I think it really is poor writing. I'm not really sure which blogging pastor started it. As of late I have not been on a consistent blogging schedule due to my work life.

*** This is one of the reason I feel you should subscribe through a blog reader. I personally use Google Reader since I have a Google account. Once you get in just click on the little orange button on my blog where it says "subscribe to this feed". You can also get it through email and get a daily update when I blog in that same place.

Here though are the many things that have led to my inconsistent blogging schedule:
  • Launching Bay Area Five Points Campus - This is a dream come true for me. I have been dreaming of launching a church for many years. This coming week we sign the lease and will be starting Sunday mornings, May 11th. Are you kidding me??? God is so awesome. With the launch means we are going to be doing some crazy work to get this place in shape. Hopefully stay tuned to this blog for a little camera action of our place.
  • Being A Principal -Full time learning all the in's and out's of what we do at this school. In two weeks I'll be in San Antonio for three days at a conference. I actually may get lots of blogging in that weekend.
  • Volleyball - Our oldest daughter plays club volleyball. So every Monday and Wednesday we make the trek across town for practice. This weekend we will be in Austin all weekend for a tournament. (I so wanted to see the movie Ironman this weekend)
  • Husband & Dad - With all that is going on I have to purpose to keep this area in focus. Don't want them to miss out. Last night I hit the wall (not literally folks) and was in bed at 9:00 pm to watch Lost and fall asleep shortly afterward. Tuesday night I came home shut off my computers and cell phones...totally disconnected from the world.
  • Band Concert - Our middle daughter is in band so last night we were at a band concert.
All of this to say that my posts have been random and may continue to be random for a while. I'll try and bring some great content to you when I do post as well as keep everyone up to date on our campus launch.

Again this is why I suggest you click subscribe. (In my best Arnold impression ) "Do it!!! Do it now!!!!!!"

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