Friday, May 16, 2008

Great Pastors I Have Worked For Part 1

I've had the privilege of working for what I feel are two of the best pastors in America.

The first was Jim Graff who pastors Faith Family Church in Victoria, TX. Jim is the brother-in-law of Joel Osteen.

He has an incredible passion for reaching the lost and for the small counties of America. Several years ago I lead a research project where we called and found the largest church in every county under 150,000 in population. That was over 2,700 counties. What we found in that research was staggering. 85% of the counties in America didn't have a church that reached 1% of the county population. This led to him founding the Significant Church Network, a network aimed at helping the pastors in small counties.

Faith Family is a church of 3,500 in a county of 85,000. They have a great team of passionate people surrounded by a church that has taken on the challenge of reaching their city.

It was an honor to be on staff at Faith Family for five years. Part of me always thinks "how in the world did I make it on staff there???"

God has truly blessed me by allowing me to learn from Pastor Jim. I really believe that God refined a lot of my leadership skills and abilities while working at Faith.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I will be talking about another great pastor I have the privilege of serving under.


Chris said...

"85% of the counties in America didn't have a church that reached 1% of the county population."

Wow...that is staggering.

Jason Curlee said...

it totally changed my perspective on reaching this country