Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leadership Pipeline

I want to do a series in the future on Leadership Pipeline that deals with churches and ministries.

I learned a long time ago that even if you don't have a system you do have a system...it may just not be verbalized or written.

To get me prepped on it...can any of you out there answer some of these questions for me?These don't only pertain to church as a whole but even in departments such as youth/children.

1. What is your structure for building leaders?
2. Do you have a system for moving leaders up? Could you list out your system?
3. Do you shop out or in for your leaders?

The floor is now yours...LIST AWAY.


Chris said...

Jason, I always enjoy conversing with you because you deal graciously in disagreements and this makes for honest communication.
I would like to provide some feedback to help you in your future posts about churches and ministries.
Here are some questions on my part.
Do you believe the Bible presents a clear structure in order for us to adopt or do you believe structures must change with time and culture?
Appreciate your input/feedback.

Jason Curlee said...

Chris...I devoted a whole post to this because I thought it was a great question that deserved more space than in a comment.


Christopher Scott said...


I love this topic, and I'm glad to contribute based on my experiences from founding A Day of Hope:

1) My structure is based on one-on-one time with my leaders. One leader I spend three hours with twice a month (on Saturdays). Another I see once a week. The other is more random.

In these meetings I pour everything I've got into them. I give them my best advice for what they're dealing with, I tell them inspiring stories, and I give them some leadership and life principles.

I also expose them to great leadership training such as the recent Maximum Impact seminar. Right now we're watching the John C. Maxwell 360 Degree Leader training DVDs.

2) My system is based on performance and responsibility.

If they are great at giving their best effort and showing great results. Then I slowly give them more and more responsibility which gives them more leadership influence.

If someone wants to accept more responsibility for his job, then I let him take it. The more responsibility he asks for, the more leadership influence he has, therefore moving him up the organization importance and value ladder.

3) This is a tough question. I have a tendency to "shop in" for my leaders. Most of this was taught to me by Jim Collins in his book, Built to Last.

I like to "shop in" because I know what I'm getting, and I know what I'm not getting.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

Christopher Scott

Jason Curlee said...

great advice Chris...it gives me personally some great ideas