Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Challenge Your Process

As a leader it is important that you are driving the change that you desire.

The status-quo is a dangerous place to be in. It is dangerous because often times you don't realize you are in it.

You must be intentional about challenging your processes because inherently people, churches, and organizations crave order. Processes that aren't challenged remain the same which is exactly where we stay. In the same place.

The church is the worse when it comes to this. We are bad at trying to do the exact same thing hoping that we will get different results.

Progress demands change. It demands a leader who seeks to push through the chaos of change as they drive to the next level.

What process should you be challenging right now?

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Nelson said...

Great post! I couldn't agree more. It seems like every time we go through a 'season of growth,' a 'season of stagnation' or a 'season of testing' we have to challenge the system or else atrophy will set in.

It's easy to challenge the system during 'stagnation' and 'testing' but the hardest time to challenge the system is following a 'season of growth.' But it seems like that is the most important time because if you don't challenge the system right after a time of growth you'll enter a season of stagnation by default.

Again, great post!


Jason Curlee said...

great add on to this thinking Nelson.

I would so agree that waiting to challenge during stagnation is to late.